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Their backs are turned to you as you walk up river towards Custom House Quay, seven people, their clothes the same lime-brown colour as the trees to their left and right. The quay is always busy – traffic, pedestrians, river … Continue reading

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‘Papal Games’ – an article published in ‘Lakelands – Past and Present’ (December 2014)

In time, references to ‘the Pope’s Children’ in the annals of Lakelands Close might refer to those of us born in the early ’80s, conceived amidst the euphoria that gripped the parents of the Close and beyond resulting from John … Continue reading

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Finding the right pitch

For visitors to Ireland, the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) is an intriguing phenomenon. The tourist brought to a Sunday morning game of hurling or gaelic football at a small club’s grounds or in a public park sees passion and pride among … Continue reading

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